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7 Intriguing Indoor Games for Children Ages 6 to 12 

7 Intriguing Indoor Games for Children

Indoor Games for Children If it’s going to be a rainy or chilly day and you’re going to be at home with the kids for the entire day, you might need some new ideas to keep them entertained. Even though the television and other electronic devices can sometimes come to the rescue, you shouldn’t let your child watch television or use other electronic devices all day. Instead, you and your children might enjoy participating in one of these ten enjoyable activities and games that can be played indoors.

Game of Ball and Cup

This is one of those activities that requires little preparation while still providing plenty of laughs and fun for the entire family. The Ball and Cup Game is exactly what it sounds like—a game in which you try to get a small ball on a string to land in the cup it is attached to without placing it there directly yourself. You do this by attempting to get the ball to land in the cup without already putting it there.

You can make your own version of the ball and cup game at home with some everyday household items, and then you can let your children go to town with it. The top of a plastic bottle of any kind, some yarn or string, a ping pong ball, and a method for attaching the ball to the thread are all required for this project.

You could also use items such as yoghurt containers and wooden beads and follow the instructions that PBS Kids provides if you want to try something different.

Pitching Pennies

If your children enjoy Indoor games such as ring toss and other games of a similar nature, and if you have a lot of pennies or other coins lying around, then playing this game during a rainy afternoon may be a fun way to pass some of the time.

To play, you need to place a red Solo cup or another dish of a similar shape on a table. Next, instruct the children to take turns standing a predetermined number of steps away from the cup while they attempt to throw coins into it. The winner is determined by who can get the most coins into the cup.


Rummy is a fun game that can be played with a deck of cards and is simple enough for children to learn how to play. In addition, it teaches children how to match cards and some basic strategy techniques. You may already be aware of this, but the game’s goal is to rack up as many points as possible by constructing matched sets of cards using the ones in front of you.

Hangman Game

There is no requirement that every indoor game involve some form of physical activity. Playing games on a piece of paper can sometimes be the most entertaining, and Hangman is no exception to this rule.

To begin the game, choose who will go first at the keyboard, and have that person think of a code word that they won’t reveal to anyone else. The next step is for them to draw a blank on the paper (or the board) for each letter in the word, and they will also mark a starting point for the hangman.

After that, the rest of the players will take turns attempting to guess potential letters in the word. In this game, each correct guess is added to the word, but each incorrect answer adds another body part to the hanging man. When a person correctly guesses a letter, they can attempt to think of the term (if they want).

Sardines Game

If you haven’t heard of this new take on the classic game of “Hide and Seek,” you are missing out on something extraordinary! According to the website for Icebreakers, there is only supposed to be one person hiding while the rest of the players try to find them.

When you spot the person hiding, you sneak in with them rather than sharing your information and maintaining a low profile. This continues until the last person finds the group, at which point that individual takes their place as the person who must hide first.


Charades, like Twenty Questions, is a fun indoor guessing game. Instead of yes-or-no questions, participants must estimate the person in front of theme’s body language. To make it more fun, think of terms to pick from a hat that all relate to the same category, like television series or meals, and then choose one randomly. Kids will enjoy this.

Jack Slap Slap Jack is a fun card game similar to Rummy that can be played indoors and only requires a deck of cards and some space to play. The objective of this game is to find a Jack to slap, and players take turns shoving cards into a central pile while doing so.

The player who hits their opponent’s hand first wins the stack, and the game continues until one player has amassed all of the cards.

Tabletop Games

If none of them appeal to you, play a board game (assuming you have them). Monopoly and Sorry are great board games for elementary school students and tweens. These seven indoor games are great for a rainy weekend or when the kids are home from school and you need to work from home. Therefore, choose one and enjoy now!


In conclusion, children can have fun, be stimulated, and learn from indoor games, which can help them improve their cognitive, social, and physical skills.There are a lot of indoor games to choose from, from board games and puzzles to video games and virtual reality.

When selecting indoor games for children, it is important to consider the child’s age, interests, and abilities and to ensure that the games are safe, age-appropriate, and provide opportunities for learning and growth. Encouraging children to engage in indoor games can help keep them entertained, active, and learning even when the weather outside is not conducive to outdoor activities.

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