Disney Princess Birthday Party

Disney Princess Birthday Party

Keira, our second daughter, hadn’t had a party with her friends before this Disney princess birthday party. It’s summer, and what could be better than ice cream on warm summer days? Enter: A birthday party at an ice cream truck. Scoops’ N Smiles Ice Cream is the perfect choice if you’re in Philadelphia.

This idea was inspired by Jaclyn, my girlfriend, who made a Paw Patrol version for her son. It can be used for any birthday theme, and it is very easy to do!


I booked an ice cream truck, Scoops’ N’ Smiles, who coordinated a date, time, and a special flavor of ice cream for the Disney Princess theme. They also played Disney music throughout the event to make it super cute.

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Décor & Details

Keira invited her classmates, who are 2 and 3 years old. We rented pint-sized tables and chairs for them. It was adorable!

We provided drinks for the adults as a happy hour since the party was in the afternoon. We also provided water for the children. It was set up on the main dining table. I decorated it with balloons and gave the children gift bags.

Gift bags

Both boys and girls were invited, so I tried to figure out a way to include Disney-themed items for the princess and prince. I also included Disney Princess lip smackers that I purchased from Amazon and a Target play pack kit (in the $1 section). I also included princess crowns from Target and Etsy’s cutest Disney drinking cups. I included a play kit for the boys and blow-up swords that I found on Amazon, as well as prince-themed cups from the Etsy store.

The cleanup was easy after the children had finished eating ice cream. This party is a great idea! If you’re in the area, Scoops’ N Smiles is a good option. It was a magical Disney princess party!

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