Insurance for Medical Treatment Abroad in Dubai

Insurance for Medical Treatment Abroad in Dubai

Suppose you do not have health insurance or cannot provide evidence that you can afford medical expenses. In that case, hospitals have the right to refuse to provide you with medical treatment in certain circumstances.

Should I Purchase Travel Insurance for Dubai?

If you need a visa to enter the United Arab Emirates, you are the only person required to purchase travel insurance for Dubai (of which Dubai is a part).If, on the other hand, you do not require a visa to enter the United Arab Emirates or if you can obtain a Visa on Arrival, then you are exempt from this requirement.

Where Can I Purchase Travel Health Insurance for My Trip to Dubai (United Arab Emirates)?

You can get health insurance for your trip to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates through a travel insurance company in your home country or through an online comparison marketplace such as Insubuy. At Insubuy, you will also have the opportunity to compare various insurance policies and select the plan that best meets your requirements.

When looking to purchase a policy for travel insurance, it is important to keep the following in mind:

Purchase it in advance. Once you have booked your trip, purchasing travel insurance ought to be one of the first things you do, especially if your deposits are non-refundable and you are going to a country like the United Arab Emirates, which has a reputation for having expensive lodging options.

Conduct research and make side-by-side comparisons of various policies online. Carefully read the entire policy and pay attention to the small print. 

What Should Be Included in Your Travel Medical Insurance Policy for Dubai?

When looking for travel insurance for medical expenses in Dubai, make sure to find a policy that covers, at the very least, the following essentials:

Medical emergencies. Find a policy that will cover the cost of emergency medical care, such as an ambulance ride and a visit to the emergency room, as well as surgical procedures, visits to the doctor, hospitalization, and the cost of medicine.

Trip disruption. You should make sure that you have coverage for any non-refundable reservations or deposits that you have made because a trip to the UAE will cost you a lot of money. 

Protection against the loss of one’s personal property.

Protection in the event of an unexpected evacuation or the return of a deceased person’s body. Suppose you have to be transported back to your home country.

What Kind of Additional Protection Should I Obtain?

You also have the option to purchase additional coverage for things such as the following:

Expensive goods and pieces of technology are typically excluded from standard insurance coverage. Even if you have baggage insurance, most companies won’t cover expensive items like laptops, cameras, jewelry, or designer clothes.

You can obtain coverage for any medical expenses or other losses that are associated with your trip if an act of terrorism takes place while you are on it.

Personal and legal responsibility if any of your actions while on the trip cause physical harm or property damage to another person. The insurance policy will pay for a portion of the necessary medical expenses.

Sports and activities that require a sense of adventure.

Will My Medical Coverage for Travel to the UAE Apply to All of My Activities?

That is dependent on the activities that you have planned. Activities considered high-risk are typically not covered by the standard policy for travel insurance. In addition, there are a lot of high-risk, exciting activities that you can participate in anywhere in the UAE, including Dubai.

If you intend to participate in activities of this nature, you should inquire with your insurance providers about the possibility of purchasing additional coverage for these endeavors. A higher premium must be paid for an insurance plan to receive protection for high-risk pursuits, and even then, certain dangerous pursuits might not be covered.

Your insurance in the UAE won’t cover you if you do any of the following:

  • While under the influence of alcohol, cause an accident or hurt yourself in some other way.
  • Get checked out by your primary care physician for any pre-existing conditions.
  • Your irresponsibility may cause you to lose or damage your belongings (e.g., if you leave them out of sight)
  • You will be charged a fee if you cannot make your flight or need to cancel for a reason not covered by your policy.

Is Dubai Travel Insurance Expensive?

The following factors can have an impact on the total cost of your travel insurance for the UAE:

  • The total number of days you will be away.
  • How much protection are you looking for?
  • When you go to purchase it.
  • Your age.
  • What is the total number of participants in your plan?

In general, you should budget anywhere from four percent to ten percent of the total cost of your trip to cover the cost of travel insurance. Visit Insubuy to get more information about the costs of the various Dubai travel health insurance plans.

Is it Expensive for Tourists to Receive Medical Care in the UAE?

View of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab EmiratesView of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates

Suppose you need medical attention while in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), whether due to an illness or an accident, you can rest assured that you will receive excellent treatment.Individuals who do not have any health insurance face extremely high medical costs.

Remember that the additional cost of the insurance policy is only a fraction of what you may have to pay if you need medical assistance, so if you are debating whether or not to purchase travel health insurance, keep in mind this fact.

Are There Any Dangers Involved in Traveling to Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country that has a low rate of violent and property crime. There is a low rate of violent and property crime, and tourists are unlikely to be victims of petty crimes such as pickpocketing because the crime rate is so low.

Before I go to Dubai, what local laws should I familiarize myself with?

However, it is important to remember that the laws and social rules in the UAE are significantly more stringent than those in Western countries.

This includes behaving inappropriately in public by dressing “immodestly,” cursing in public (even online), making rude gestures, eating in public transportation (or eating anywhere in public during Ramadan), publicly displaying affection (especially between unmarried or same-sex couples), criticizing the government, fundraising, taking pictures of other people without their permission, or taking pictures of road accidents, military buildings, palaces, or courts, etc.

If you violate these laws, you could face, at the very least, a hefty fine and, at worst, arrest and possible jail time. Therefore, before you travel to the UAE, familiarize yourself with the local legal system and follow those laws.

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