Refreshing Summer Recipes

Refreshing Summer Recipes

It could be the heat, but I crave seafood in the summer. I love refreshing summer recipes. Shrimp and fish tacos are my favorite food. If I’m looking for a new recipe to make fish or shrimp tacos, I don’t just look at the ingredients. I also look for a sauce that will go well with it.

I followed the recipe exactly, but I added my favorite coleslaw recipe as a topping option. This recipe is amazing! My husband also raved about it, which is always a sign that he loves a good meal. He isn’t one to give away too many compliments.

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Blueberry Lemonade Margaritas

One word: Yum. Although I don’t like to drink liquor much, I love tequila when I do. A margarita is my favorite way to consume it. This recipe for blueberry lemonade margaritas was what I was looking for in a summer drink. This one was different. I was a little hesitant as I don’t like fruity drinks.

This refreshing recipe has just enough blueberry flavor. This recipe is perfect for hot summer days!

I hope you enjoy these delicious summer recipes as much and as much as I do. Thanks for following my blog!

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