The 10 Essential Precautions to Take When Cooking in the Summer

The 10 Essential Precautions to Take When Cooking in the Summer

Due to the rapidity with which summer arrives and departs, I always need to get the sense that I am making the most of those enchanted months. Unfortunately, time is limited, and this particular season feels like it will end all too soon. If I follow these 10 commandments of summer cooking this year, I will be able to look back in October and remember that I never indulged in an ice cream sundae when it was hot outside. I plan to follow them this year.

It would help if you considered it your responsibility to adhere to these 10 summer cooking commandments. Feel free to print out the adorable illustrations and stick them on your fridge when they’re done. Only allow the summer to pass you by indulging in everything readily available and making an effort to take pleasure in the season.

1. You must give in to the urge for a summer meal that requires no cooking

Being a slacker in the kitchen is ideal during the warm summer months. Make large salads for dinner that do not require heat, make large pitchers full of drinks to cool off, and eat as many popsicles as possible to beat the heat.

2. You are to mix wine with fruit juice to make sangria

This summer, you are responsible for purchasing an inexpensive bottle of wine and turning it into a flavorful sangria. It is a simple alcoholic beverage that can be prepared for many people at once, and almost all of them will enjoy it. All of that summer fruit that is on the verge of spoiling? Please put it in the drink you’re drinking.

3. You are obligated to give making a pie from scratch a shot

It’s pie season in the summer. During the summer, you should keep the oven closed as much as possible; however, the pie should be the one exception. If this is your first time making pie, choose a tried-and-true flavor combination like strawberry-rhubarb.

4. You are obligated to make every effort to protect all of your blessings

Make jam out of your remaining berries and store your herbs in olive oil to keep them fresh through the winter so you can continue to use them in your meals. What about that fresh batch of tomatoes that was sent to you? Put some of those aside to use in a straightforward tomato sauce.

5. At every meal, you must serve a salad to your guests

The warm weather of summer is ideal for eating salad. Take some fresh greens and toss them with a variety of vegetables, some cheese (optional), some chunks of dried bread (optional), and a straightforward vinaigrette. Serve immediately. I double-dog dare you to start your day with a salad.

6. Whenever it is possible, you are to cook your food on a grill

No barbecue at your house? No problem. If you cannot convince your friends to let you spend the night at their place, you should go to the park and make a day out of it instead. Nothing is out of bounds in this place! Grilled meat, grilled salad, grilled dessert – make it all.

7. You are to Make Complicated Desserts Out of Summer Fruit

Berries are the most beautiful thing that could have happened to a slacker baker. You’ll have something to brag about if you sprinkle some of this on top of angel food cake and then top it with whipped cream.

8. You are obligated to prepare lemonade from fresh ingredients

Don’t get me wrong—lemonade in powder form is lovely—but there’s something extra special about making lemonade from scratch, so I recommend doing that instead. For example, you can boost the flavor of your lemonade by roasting the lemons, or you can make “pink” lemonade by stirring in a spoonful of jam to the mixture.

9. Discover easy methods for appreciating corn, tomatoes, and watermelon

Please make the most of these popular ingredients by incorporating them into a simple dish for a weeknight. Put some corn on the grill and then spread it with butter, cheese, and lime juice. Consume mozzarella and basil alongside a tomato that’s as big as your face, and eat it.

10. You Must Become an Expert at Making Ice Cream Sundaes

Sundaes made with ice cream are the ultimate dessert treat, even though ice cream cones are delicious in their own right. Put on the full monty with the molten chocolate, the caramel, and the cherries. If you want to stick to the classic recipe, throw in a banana.

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