What is the Best way to get from Dubrovnik to Split?

Best way to get from Dubrovnik to Split?

The distance between Dubrovnik and Split, approximately 230 kilometers and 143 miles, can be traveled in several different ways. Dubrovnik and Split are two of the most popular coastal destinations in Croatia. Even though there is no longer any train service along the coast due to the dissolution of Yugoslavia, there are many other ways to travel along the rugged coastline that stretches for hundreds of miles and is dotted with more than 1,200 islands.

Choose to travel by catamaran ferry for a hands-free and relatively affordable mode of transportation that offers scenic views and stops at a few islands. Catamaran ferries provide stops at several different islands.One additional advantage of using private transfers is a reduction in travel time.

The bus is a mode of transportation that is less comfortable but more cost-effective. There is a flight service available between Dubrovnik and Split; however, it is more expensive than “slower” modes of transportation and does not save much time because many flights require a layover of between three and eight hours.

Consider this 8-day itinerary from Split to Dubrovnik or this 12-day self-drive tour of Croatia for trip ideas. Both itineraries are available here.

Taking the Ferry for 4.5 hours

During the busiest months of the year for tourism, May through October, Krilo catamarans sail between Dubrovnik and Split. It is one of the most cost-effective and time-saving ways to travel to Split, and the fast boat stops at four different ports along the way, including Korcula, Hvar, Milna, and Mljet. The price of the ticket is also very reasonable. Six departures take place each day from Dubrovnik, with the earliest one occurring in the afternoon, immediately following the arrival of the first boat from Split.

Even though taking the Ferry from Jardolinija adds an hour and a half to your trip, it is another service the company offers. Only one departure takes place each day, and it sails from Dubrovnik in the morning.

Using a Private Transfer or a Rental Vehicle

Timing: three to five hours

In Dubrovnik, a number of major car rental companies provide customers with both manual and automatic transmission options (though automatic cars are more expensive to rent).

The journey from Dubrovnik to Split can be completed in as little as three hours, but this timeframe is highly variable and is determined by factors such as the path taken, the volume of traffic, the tolls, and the length of the lines at the border control. There are a few different routes from which to select, including a coastal route that is both traditional and picturesque, an island-hopping ferry route, and a highway route that travels through Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The highway route along A1 is the quickest, clocking in at three hours if there is no traffic and no lengthy waits at either of Bosnia’s two border crossings. You’ll need kuna, the local currency, to pay the toll fee in each direction, both to and from Split. Be sure to bring enough.

To break up the monotony of the drive, you should make a pit stop at the Kravica Waterfall. From the parking area, it’s about a 20-minute walk to the falls, and once you get there, it’s a wonderful place to take a quick swim and enjoy a picnic before continuing on your journey.

The coastal route that follows E65 and D8 utilizes secondary roads that are more scenic but have lower speed limits. It also includes two border crossings through Bosnia, which take between four and five hours. If you decide to take the coastal route, you can take a break in Makarska along the way. There is a great deal to see and do in Makarska, located approximately 153 kilometers (about 90 miles) from Dubrovnik. You can easily spend a day or more here.

 A walk through Biokovo Nature Park is one of the possibilities available to you. Not only does it allow you to stretch your legs between the ferry ride and the car ride, but it also gives you easy access to some amazing views of the surrounding areas. Another possibility is to go on an excursion to the Old Town and Kacic Square in Makarska. During the warmer months, Kacic square frequently serves as the setting for various community celebrations and musical performances.

You can avoid the border crossings by taking highway D8 up the coast, turning onto highway 414 to catch a ferry that will take you from Trpanj to Police, and then continuing up highway D8 along the coast.

You should stop by Konoba Skojera in Trpanj for a meal if you have spare time. If you would rather wait until after the ferry ride from Trpanj to Police, Restaurant Fulin in Police is an additional fantastic choice for you to consider.

By Private Transfer Time: Approximately 3 hours without stops; longer with stops

Choosing a private transfer gives you more control over your schedule and provides a higher level of comfort than taking the bus. You can book this excursion as part of a larger tour package, and having a local driver is a wonderful way to gain additional insights into the sights and stops along the way.

Travel time via bus: more than five hours

Bus travel is one of the more cost-effective options, and it offers the highest frequency of departures, with departures occurring on average every half hour nearly all day long. The travel time between Dubrovnik and Split is approximately five hours. Still, this time could be significantly longer depending on factors such as heavy traffic during the peak of the tourism season or lengthy lines at the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If you have tours scheduled for the same day as your travel, make sure to arrive with plenty of time, at least two to three hours before the tour is scheduled to begin. You should budget for a minimal fee per suitcase and at least one break during the drive.

By Plane

Travel time is comprised of a 2.5-hour flight time plus an additional 3-8 hours of layover time.

There are flights available with Croatia Airlines between Dubrovnik and Split; however, most of them involve a stopover that lasts for several hours. At this time, only one private plane transfer operates, and it travels from Split to Dubrovnik.


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